Raindrop Technique


The Raindrop Technique is an anointing of oils up and down your spine.

It was developed by Gary Young in the 1980s while working with a Lakota Medicine Man. It utilizes the power of essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. This is a powerful tool to achieve true balance in the body. I can provide the service for you, or you can do it to yourself on your own feet.
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Oils in the Raindrop Technique:

Valor-is the first and most important oil used in this technique, it is an empowering blend that promotes feelings of strength courage and protection. Valor has also been found to support energy alignment in the body.

Oregano – works in conjunction with thyme to strengthen the immune system and attack bacteria and viruses. It may also act as an antiseptic for the respiratory system.  

Thyme – is used for its ability to support the immune system by attacking any bacteria, fungus, infection or viruses that may be present.  

Cypress – is used for antibacterial, anti-infectious antimicrobial and diuretic properties. It is also a very good decongestant for the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  

Wintergreen – contains natural methyl salicyate, which is regarded for its soothing properties particularly when used in massage for stressed muscles and head tension.  

Basil – is relaxing to spastic muscles and is stimulating to the nerves and adrenal glands.  

Peppermint – strengthens nerves, reduces inflammation and is highly effective when dealing with conditions related to the respiratory system.  

Marjoram – very relaxing for the muscles soothes nerves, relieves cramps, aches and pains.  It helps calm the respiratory system.  

Aroma Sieze-a blend of essential oils used to relax tight muscles and ligaments.  

I add Frankincense and the blend of Joy to these oils.  

Applied with love and prayer Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils are very powerful partners to have on your health journey.   The Raindrop kit comes with a DVD of instructions and is truly the gift of health that I would love for others to discover.

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