Mind mapping

Mind mapping?? Can I really reprogram my fears? Last night I was reintroduced to a technique called “mind mapping”.

A week after Ron passed away, Gary Young came to New Jersey and showed everyone a new technique called mind mapping. There had been a natural disaster in the area. His technique would help the people there dealing with trauma. Well I had a trauma of my own to deal with. Anyone out there that is a widow will understand how much of the first year you really do not remember. That’s why they tell you not to make any decisions that first year. I can totally understand why now.

Circumstances fell into place, and I found myself at Gary’s mind mapping class. I have to say it really helped me a lot. Being in a room full of like-minded people. The smell of the essential oils. The love that is my people there. My good friend Jan brought me a blanket that I could cover my head with because she was suspicious of emotional releases. They did come, I use the blanket. As always it’s better out than in. This new mind mapping was a totally different experence. I was talked through it via webinar(I chose to listen on the phone),and it all came back to me. The technique, what I needed to do and that it really was going to help me again. I can remember Gary saying that the more you do this the better it will be. I think he used the reference like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. For me it was time for the next layer.

So there I was last night in the privacy of my own home. My blank pieces of paper, colored pencils, regular pencils, the little sharpener for the pencils, and my essential oils. The premise of this experience is that if you name your fears in circles on the paper and use the colored pencils in a counterclockwise coloring pattern. You can move some of these fears out of your body. It’s amazing, they don’t disappear completely. But you certainly can lessen their intensity.

I’m sure that everyone has fears. Do I have enough money? Am I making the right decisions? Should I stay in this job? Is this really the life I want? What is my life now that I’m a widow? Questions and fears can haunt your mind, this is a beautiful and empowering way to lessen their hold on you. Here is a picture of my fear map.


Cedarwood is the oil we used to clear these fears out of your body. You deeply inhale the oil, place it on your temples, forehead, back of your neck, inhale deeply again. While you are smelling this oil you do the counterclockwise coloring. The next step is empowering yourself, with I am statements. I am strong,I am abundant, I am healthy, I am peaceful, I make great decisions…….. This list could go on and on and. When you have the circles filled in with all your “I am” statements use Frankincense oil the same as above. This time when you’re coloring, you use a clockwise circle. I think you’ll notice my “I AM” circles are much prettier. They look happy to me.

i am

I very much enjoyed the mind mapping, And this is just a very small portion of what was covered in the class. Thank you so much Catherine and Lisa for doing it.

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