Fermented Elixirs?


Kefir a truly wonderful elixir.   Kefir is a fermented beverage, teaming with beneficial probiotics. It also contains a variety of enzymes, organic acids, and B vitamins. Kefir actually means “feel good” in Turkish. If you don’t want to consume dairy, water Kefir is an excellent nondairy probiotic source. When properly cared for and regularly cultured, the grains will produce a wonderful probiotic rich beverage, which continues to grow and reproduce indefinitely.  Drinking Kefir water will contribute to having a healthy immune system. It helps with the digestion of food and micronutrients. Reduces the symptoms of IBS. It has increased my energy and overall feeling of good health. My cravings for sugar have also been reduced. I’m really pleased with how strong my nails seem to be since I started drinking the Kefir.   Taking care of Kiefer Kiefer is grown in a glass jar. Any size, depends on how many seeds you have and how long you want to ferment them. I use a quart mason jar. When your Kefir ferments to your desired taste. (Mine reminds me off old fashion cream soda) Strain out the Kefir grains.                  This needs to be done with plastic not metal. Metal will kill Kefir grains.   grains In a 1 quart jar, I add the seeds, a quarter cup of sugar, and a tablespoon of Mineral Essence. (You can also use honey or molasses with the sugar).   sugar and grains I put in all the ingredients; add water (needs to be spring water, no chlorine, no fluoride) and shake it up. My kefir ferments for about four days. I like using the mason jars because I can just set the metal cap on top of the jar (these canning lids have a lining so no metal touches the kefir). When the kefir ferments it likes to burp,  you want your lid to be loose, the  gas can get out. grains and water   When my Kefir ferments to where I like it, I drain off the seeds,  I place this “water” in a glass jar, and put it in the refrigerator. Some time I will add Ningxia Red or Nitro to the Kiefer water. I have also added lemon juice, that makes a very refreshing drink. nred I started drinking a Dixie cup every morning as soon as I woke up. And now I look forward to more than 12 ounces every morning. I am very thankful to Jan for sharing these beautiful Kefir seeds with me.

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  1. Corry, Received the grains.  Thanks so much.  Want to get started.  Seeing there's 2 packets, would I put both in the same jar to start?  Or would I do 2 jars? Or how long would a packet of grains last if not using them?

    Is Rapunzel Organic Whole Cane Sugar Unrefined and Unbleached ok to use? 

    Thanks. Jane

    1. I would start both packs in the same jar, you can divide them again when they are plump. The dried packets will last 6 months.

      Any Organic sugar is fine.

  2. I am so sad and disappointed!  I purchased the kefir seeds at Waterloo recently. I was so excited to try this –I ordered my Mineral Essence right away. I thought I followed the directions properly–I used organic sugar, distilled water, and a plastic strainer rather than metal. I used a canning jar with just the lid, as was suggested. I strained it, added new ingredients and now I'm waiting for the fermentation to begin. It's been 4 days and there is no sign of anything happening.  What might I have done wrong??

    1. You haven’t done anything wrong. Think of the seeds as having been asleep.It is going to take a little while for them to wake up.

      Smell it…..if it is not nasty smelling you are good. There will be no questions when kefir goes bad!

      You want it to smell a little yeasty and sweet.

      The seeds are very flexable, relax. 🙂

      My phone number is on your sheet, send me a text and i will call you right back. 

      Be Well,


  3. you say you got away from sugar, yet you are making this with some sugar. Other wise it's informational.

    1. The seeds actually digest the sugar and make it into a probiotic. Like Life5 from Young Living.

  4. Corry, I just finihed my first batch of wather kefir. It is fantastic. So easy to make and tasts great. The kids think it tastes like ginger beer. Will be serving it at picnics in the summer since we don't do soda. Can I make it in 1/2 gal. batches or do I need to make a quart at a time?  Sending the grains in the mail seemed to work fine since I have had great results. How did you dry the grains?  Thanks so much. Hope to see you soon. Emma

    1. Emma,

      As your seeds grow you can move to a bigger jar, ajust the time of fermenting and sugar as you go. To dry the grains just put them on parchment paper after you have strained them. They take about a week to dry.

      Here to help,


    1. Hi Emma,

      Your dried seeds are on the way. Please post here as you start working with them.

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