Enzymes: The Key to Life

What are enzymes and why are they important to our bodies?

According to Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living, enzymes are the proteins produced by living organisms and are composed of amino acids. Enzymes are protein molecules found in all plant and animal cells.   A digestive enzyme causes the food you eat to be broken down faster. That means if you have a low enzyme level it shows your body is unable to produce enough enzymes for digesting the food you consume. That will lead to poor digestion and the carbohydrates, proteins and fats you eat are unable to break into smaller more absorbable nutrients.  

This inability will result in indigestion and deprive your body of those absorbable nutrients that are necessary to building and repairing your cells, tissues and organs. Imagine how the food you eat goes into your mouth, you then chew and enzymes in your saliva start the digesting process. It continues down to your stomach and mixes with hydrochloric acid and continues the process of digestion.  

Then your pancreatic enzyme takes over in the small intestine. Now if you have enzyme deficiency, your digestion will be poor here. Food that is not digested will pass through to the large intestine and will be excreted.  Enzyme deficiency will result in buildup of toxins in our body and no absorption of nutrients. This can cause many serious problems in your digestive tract and bowels.   Younger people have an abundance of enzymes, but as we grow older, the enzymes could be ‘used up’. If not replaced, there will be reduced energy, stamina and a body that will weaken and diseases will creep in.  

Without enzymes, cells cannot survive or function. Most of the enzymes in our body are destroyed on a daily basis by antibiotics, micro waved foods, ibuprofen (painkillers), radiation and chemo therapies. Studies show that chronic disease sufferers or people who are constantly tired and have low energy have very low enzymes in the urine, tissues and blood.  

Even fluoride water, pesticides, cigarettes and pollutants will destroy enzymes. Many adults’ ability to produce enzymes decreases as they age. The only way to increase enzymes in our body is to take enzyme supplements and eating raw food.    

Young Living’s Essentialzyme is a multi-enzyme complex that promotes digestion and assists in the assimilation of nutrients. It breaks down the fats, protein and carbohydrates we consumed and balances our digestive system. This will help proper digestive function and important nutrients and vitamins are absorbed in our body.

Detoxzyme contains vegetarian based enzymes that support digestion. It helps eliminate residual waste and cleanse our digestive system. It works well together with Essentialzyme.  

There are many resources that we have on Young Living Essential Oil’s website about Enzymes. I’m here to serve you with your needs. Please leave me a note on my contact page for more information on how to benefit with enzymes and add years to your life.   You have a choice…
Be Well

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