The Importance of Alkaline to Your Health

Our body is at war every day. It is like the war between the evil and the good.  And like Star Wars sometimes those things you think are good are actually bad for you.   Ever heard of alkaline and acid? What are they?   They are both opposing substances in our body.  The term pH means how much acid is in your body.  Acidic is a pH of 7.0 or lower and Alkalinity is a substance or solution that has a pH of 7.0 or above to 14. The optimum pH for our blood and body tissues is about 7.2. According to studies, the body heals best when it is slightly alkaline. Gary Young says acid is the root of all dis-ease and disease thrives in acid.

There are many acid producing foods that are harmful to our body.  Basically if it’s WHITE it’s ACID.  Sugar, Bleached Wheat or White Breads, White Rice, Ice cream, you kind of get the picture. Also fried foods, animal protein, and sodas etc.   Alkaline foods are the deep greens and mostly vegetables. Ever seen the movie Forks over Knives?  It talks about how a diet of mostly vegetables and very little animal protein or sugars leads to a health.  People in the movie did this type of eating for a couple of months and they lost weight, lowered their blood pressure, cholesterol and many were off all their medications.    

How do you know if your body is too acidic? The pH test will show. You can test your saliva or urine at home.  You can purchase pH test paper and a booklet to help you understand what the measurements mean at  

Eating certain foods could increase your body’s alkalinity. This includes foods like fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, some nuts, grains, sprouts, legumes and Kefir. Drinking plenty of good chemical free drinking water will help too.   But even doing your best with diet is not enough.  Stress, cancer, toxins in our bodies from years of smoking or jobs we have had can cause your body to be acidic and increase inflammation.  

What does this all really mean to you? You need help getting your body’s pH alkaline. Young Living Essential Oils have specific products that produce the balance results you want for alkalinity, to fight cancer and other harmful diseases. The two products that I use are Alkalime and MegaCal.

Alkalime is a natural way to safely balance the body’s pH levels and regulate acid in the digestive system.    

MegaCal is a powerful calcium and mineral powder formulated to support normal bone and vascular health.  Osteoporosis and bone degeneration happen from an acidic condition in the body.  MegaCal gives our body the good minerals and keeps our bones, brain and body healthy.   This has also been great for reducing allergies, pain, and improving sleep.  

Hope this information is of help to you as it has been for me. Please leave your comment below.   You have a choice…
Be Well

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