Zyto Scan


Find what Essential oils and Nutritional Supplements are right for you. 

If you desire to bring your body’s stressed systems back into alignment, a Zyto Compass Scan will indicate which oils and nutritional supplements are best.

“I know this technolgy really works because I have personally tested over 500 clients over 90% stated that their stress profile made sense to what was happening in their health at that moment in time. When clients start using 1-3 of the suggested products in the stress profile for more than 60 the amount of biomarkers out of alignment goes down in almost all cases. It makes sense the products help improve our health and the readings come back improved!”  Dr. Mary Starr – Fulton NY  

Your Stories

“I had been struggling with Sinus problems for weeks. The scan pointed right to it and showed me what I needed to get better.” M Bolton

“ I didn’t tell the scanner anything about my health. I rarely have a bowel movement everyday. The scan showed I needed colon support.” B Harton

“I couldn’t believe it I had been on vacation and forgot my supplements. The scan showed that I was deficient in that same nutrition I forgot.” L A Lebanon, PA

“Since I don’t have health insurance the scanner saved me thousands because it directed me to my core issues. Then I was able to get those specific diagnostic tests rather than a bunch I didn’t need.” C Hanson

“I had just had a physical and blood work and the doctor told me my sugar was a little high. The scanner showed I needed supplementation to help support my pancreas and blood sugar.” V Chalone

  “I had been on vacation eating all bad food. The scan showed me what damage I had done and how to improve it.” S Parmley Constantia, NY

“I scan every few weeks and I always see some correlation to what is going on with my health. The last few weeks I have been run down and my hair has been falling out. I thought my thyroid might be stressed. My bioscan stress profile showed I had a biological preference for Thyromin. It was neat to see that correlation.” MS Carter

“I have a history of being exposed to many environmental toxins like mold and chalk dust. It is interesting that my stress profile show up for Purification.” L H 

“Corry Heinrich goes above and beyond to help her Zyto Compass Clients. Because of her years of experience and significant health improvements with oils I always highly recommend Corry! ” Dr. Mary Starr,  the Total Wellness Doc and Mom

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