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Welcome 2017

It’s not about the big resolutions-that huge list of all the promises you make to do or be better. Soon after the list is made, overwhelm sets in and you fall off the wagon. We have all been there. This year for me it’s going to be different. My end of year goal is to be in a healthier place-in all aspects of my life. Spiritually Emotionally Physically Financially I’m going to approach this with gentle shifts. I have been asking and receiving guidance from Spirit- yep, you read it right. Spirit- as in The Holy Spirit, God, Universe, divine intelligence – whatever you want to call it. First message is to focus on adding positive, good, healthy habits- instead of focusing on what you’re going to give up or not have. What healthy items are you adding to your Life?

Row your boat

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is but a Dream Lately this song has been running itself over and over in my head. I know it is because Wayne Dyer has passed, he was my favorite author. I love the idea, that everything we needed to know about living a stress free life, was given to us in a song, when we were in kindergarten. ROW, ROW, ROW, YOUR BOAT- we’re supposed to be actively engaged, working, experiencing joy, living our own lives (he would’ve said dharma). Pursue your passion, find your meaning. Never mind what other people are doing or saying you should do. When you’re on a boat, there is constant movement. Our lives are a lot like that. Constant movement, constant change. Just keep rowing your boat. GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM- there should be a flow to what you’re doing. Like with the water, you don’t see water trying to crash through rocks, it flows around the rocks. Sometimes the rocks are in the stream to shift your path, when you’re on the right path things are not difficult. Don’t try rowing upstream. You came here for a purpose, live your purpose. I personally love nature, I live in the country, I have a vegetable garden and flower gardens, I like to keep things simple. I am a spirit having a human experience. I enjoy it the most when I float gently down the stream. LIFE IS BUT A DREAM- we come here with nothing, they’re leaving here with nothing. But that doesn’t mean do nothing! Everyone has to earn a living, pay the rent, feed themselves. But if you can relax and ask yourself what’s important to you, in its simplest form and go from there. Life could be a lot less stressful. Wayne Dyer will always be remembered, it’s nice that you can listen to his tapes and hear his voice. When I read his books I hear his voice. Did Wayne Dyer leave an impact on your life? Please share in the comments below.  

A Garlic Lover’s Nirvana



Garlic scapes are the flower stalks of hard neck garlic although they do not produce flowers. These scapes will appear a month or so after the first leaves. They’re usually cut off the plant since they only divert the plants strength away from the bulb. If you leave them on they will make the small bulbs that could be planted, for more garlic but it would take years for them to get big. Many gardeners simply toss them in the compost, but garlic scapes are both edible and delicious.

This is the time of year, when most of the stored produce is either starting to grow or has long gone bad. Garlic scapes come in just in time. They are perfect for fresh spring garlic pesto.


After I trim my garlic scapes off the plants. I bring them into the kitchen and give them a good rinse in a sink full of water. I drain the excess water on a towel.



Then I cut the garlic scapes into small enough chunks to fit my food processor. 



I add some cold pressed olive oil, and give it a whirl.



This goes into glass jars. Into the refrigerator and it’s ready for all kinds of delicious recipes.






Garlic Scape Pesto

Ingredients: 1 cup garlic scapes

1/3 cup walnuts ¾ cup olive oil ¼-1/2 cup grated parmigiano ½ teaspoon salt black pepper to taste




Method: Place scapes and walnuts in the bowl of a food processor and whiz until well combined and somewhat smooth. Slowly drizzle in oil and process until integrated. With a rubber spatula, scoop pesto out of bowl and into a mixing bowl. Add Parmigiano to taste; add salt and pepper.

Makes about 6 ounces of pesto.

 Keeps for up to one week in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

Add to cooked pasta and serve.



Why you should eat garlic.

Garlic has long been touted as a health booster. It has been considered a cure-all in folklore medicine, curing everything from a cold to the plague. The Greeks would even feed garlic to their athletes before they competed in the Olympics.

Research is unlocking the secrets of this odoriferous bulb. Eating garlic boosts our natural supply of hydrogen sulfide which acts as an antioxidant and relaxes the blood vessels; this in turn increases your blood flow; so eating more garlic may protect your heart.

The power to boost hydrogen sulfide production may help explain why a garlic rich diet may protect against certain cancers. There is also growing evidence that garlic works like an antibiotic on certain bacteria is in the body. And it continues to work overtime. The bacteria in the body do not appear to evolve a resistance to the garlic, so there is no breeding of “superbugs”.

To maximize the health benefits of garlic, you should crush it at room temperature and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. This triggers an enzymatic reaction that boosts the healthy compounds in the garlic.

Garlic is a sulfurous compound and in general the stronger the taste the more sulfur it contains. This could mean more potential medicinal value. Organically grown garlic tends towards higher sulfur level. Whether that is fact, it is my opinion that it certainly tastes better.

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Remember you have a choice.

Be Well.

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