About Corry

I am a down to earth to farm girl who spent over a decade in terrible pain. My pain was the result of two back surgeries and a motorcycle accident.  My surgeries and injuries always resulted in stronger pills until I was taking several narcotics and still experiencing pain. There were many side effects of these strong medications including constant brain fog and constipation.

I knew there had to be a better way.  After searching for a long time I found a better way.  A way that was safe, natural, and got my body well again.  Young Living Essential oils saved me from a life of misery.  In the first six months I just did a few things that resulted in huge improvements, in all areas of my life. Today I am well and pain free.

Because I got free I am committed to helping people take charge of their health and be well. My company Be Well with Oils serves hundreds of clients all over the United States and world.  We give easy and do able ways to improve your health and reduce your pain with small lifestyle shifts.  We DON’T give hard to manage changes that only overwhelm people and are hard to do all at once. It’s not about being perfect it’s just about being better than you used to be.

Are you ready to make some small changes that bring huge results to your health ?

Are you ready to become an active partner in your health journey?

If you are ready I am ready to help you.

Email me at

You have a choice!  You have a choice to BE WELL.

Let’s Be Well together !

 Corry Heinrich 

Young Living Essential oil Farms Mona Utah

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