About Corry

I can remember that beautiful winter day. My husband and I were skiing on Mt. Ascutney in Vermont. One of those perfect winter days; sunny, bright, snow conditions were a little icy but still good. We had just gotten off the ski lift. at the tops of the trails deciding which  to take. 

And then it happened: a snowboarder – out of control, on the edge of his board coming at me across the ice. He ran into me so hard, his board hitting my boots, that he tore the bindings of my skis.

 Of course he was very sorry but there was nothing to be done. 

Little did I know the damage to my body was much more than the damage to my skis. I rode down the side of the mountain in one of those very embarrassing snow sleds with the ski patrol. The ski shop was very nice and had me up and skiing in a couple hours. We enjoyed our rest of our day skiing and the rest of our vacation in Vermont. 

But what I didn’t know had happened was a disc in my back been damaged. 

The pain became a nuisance and off to the doctor I went. Drugs! Their answers are only drugs. What you don’t realize is that the pain is there for a reason. To slow you down to give you cause to pause.

 Anyway – I blew the disc out. What an unbelievably painful experience that is!

 And of course it had to be the most embarrassing experience ever – it happened at work. 

Two back surgeries later. Because I can’t just blow the disk once, I blew forward and then two years later I blew it backwards (yes the same disc). 

Even with the surgeries there was no relief. 

They just kept prescribing stronger and stronger drugs. The pain never really went away but I was so numb I don’t think I cared. This was affecting all areas of my life I just couldn’t think right anymore.

I started searching for answers. I found a beautiful soul that did receki and energy work on me. She mentioned something new she was working with and sent me home with a little bag to “play” with. 

I tried it….. Didn’t last long, but it was pain relief without narcotics. I got my own, and started using daily. 

I read everything I could find and did what I learned. At first I would apply every few hours. I put up with some discomfort, and slowed myself down. When I was uncomfortable, I did less. I gave myself some grace and rest. I don’t know – I’m not a doctor, all I know is I was feeling better. 

I kept reading and trying new things. 

Now I try this first for Everything.

I enjoy kundalini yoga now, I’m back in my gardens, riding my motorcycle. Everything and more than I did before my back went on strike.

In an ever-changing world, access to information when you need it can mean the difference between just surviving or thriving. 

It would be my honor to help you in any way that I can.

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